Primal Challenge VI

Primal Challenge VI

Our annual in-house competition is getting spicy! We are 6 weeks into the 8 week challenge with a total of 6 completed individual workouts and 2 team workouts.
Week 1 included a medicine ball relay & barbell complex challenge. Week 2 switched gears to endurance and tested a 5K row for time. Week 3 tested gymnastics with an 18 min AMRAP of bodyweight movements. Week 4 tested both strength and endurance with a heavy deadlift and double under couplet. Week 5 consisted of dumbbell movements, box jumps, and T2B, combined with max effort rope climbs to go out with a bang. We are currently in Week 6, which is a test of handstand pushups and hang squat snatches. We are also looking forward to our third team workout this Friday, Feb 17th!
What will be up next?!

Here's a look at the current podium for each division:

Rx Male:

  • 1. Josh Harris (580 pts)
  • 2. John Phillips (550 pts)
  • 3. Tim Childers (525 pts)

Rx Female:

  • 1T. Lauren Barzilla (565 pts)
  • 1T. Laurie Wagner (565 pts)
  • 3. Sara Brown (510 pts)

Scaled Male:

  • 1. Robert Shipley (520 pts)
  • 2. Tommy Wellford (515 pts)
  • 3. Steve Cline (505 pts)

Scaled Female:

  • 1. Kathi Stanley (555 pts)
  • 2. Katy Tharp (550 pts)
  • 3. Melanie Plummer (540 pts)

Team Challenge-5K Row:

  • 1. Robert's "Dogs of War"- 21:24 avg
  • 2. Luke's "El Loco's"- 21:31 avg
  • 3. Bane's "Mother Thrusters"- 21:53 avg
  • 4. Melisa's "Booties & the Beasts"- 22:01 avg
  • 5. Austin's "Make Austin Great Again"- 22:02 avg

Team Challenge-Curtis P & Handstand Walk

Curtis P

  • 1. Luke's "El Loco's"
  • 2. Austin's "Make Austin Great Again"
  • 3. Melisa's "Booties & the Beasts"
  • 4. Robert's "Dogs of War"
  • 5. Bane's "Mother Thrusters"

Handstand Walk

  • 1T. Bane's "Mother Thrusters"
  • 1T. Robert's "Dogs of War"
  • 3. Melisa's "Booties & the Beasts"
  • 4. Austin's "Make Austin Great Again"
  • 5. Luke's "El Loco's"

Getting Started with CrossFit!

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Member Spotlight: Brittney Johnson


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Barbells for Boobs 2016

Barbells for Boobs 2016

Thanks to all our members and visitors who came out on October 15th for Barbells for Boobs.  We had an awesome turnout that helped raise awareness for this great cause!  As a team we raised over $3,000 and had a lot of fun watching everyone do the benchmark WOD "Grace".

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Workout of the Day 2/21/2017


Transition Week


1. Jerk Push Unders: 6x3

2. Push Jerk: HS

3. Prone T-bar row: 3x8

3a. Incline Scaptions: 3x15

3b. Incline RDF: 3x15


10min EMOM

  • E: 20sec Sprint Assault
  • O: Ab Wheel




4x E90

  • 10 Dual DB Push Press + UB C2B
  • 15 Box Jumps + UB HSPU


9min AMRAP

  • 6 Alt. DB Snatch Rx 50/35*
  • 24 Double Unders

*full squat snatches

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