About The Combine

The Combine is the premier Strength and Conditioning facility in Austin with a mission to provide, educate and train our community with rational, yet practical health and fitness principles to achieve their goals as efficiently as possible!

The South Austin CrossFit affiliate is inside an Old Oil Field Supply Warehouse built in 1938 that was moved from Snyder, Texas. The inside was opened up and re-designed as a sports performance facility, completely equipped to train and develop the complete athlete. We have over 4,500 sq.ft. of open/functional space and all the nuts and bolts any athlete needs to increase their overall work capacity and become; fitter, faster, stronger and healthier. 

Our coaches and fitness specialists hold gold standard credentials along with practical training experience working with clients from a wide variety of sport specific goals. Whether the athlete has individual and position specific goals (E.G. High School Linebacker looking to increase his raw power and strength before his senior year) or group offseason or preseason training to develop a general team speed and agility program, our coaches have worked with all demographics ranging from; the youth to high school levels, up to the collegiate and professional training backgrounds.

If your goals are more life specific, we have over 50 years of hands on experience working with a very diverse set of populations. We have practical experience with; the pre and post-natal woman, clients who want to change their body composition, preventing specific wellness conditions and diseases and re-hab programming for the individual recovering from specific injuries (joint and health related).  

Every member of our training staff is a professional who's main objective is to make you the most functional athlete and healthiest, happiest and most motivated person you can be.



Our Objective

The Combine's primary focus is to provide all of our members with a safe and fun atmosphere to exercise by educating them with functional methodologies for their life specific or sport-specific goal(s). 

We will work diligently to create an overall health-conscious and fit community for all demographics. We will provide our members with group or private fitness solutions including CoEd CrossFit classes, Joules/Watt, private and sports performance training, Women's Only Boot Camps, and a Young Athlete program (6-13 year olds).

We will provide our community continuing support, physical education, seminars and classes to encompass all areas of health and fitness. Our professionalism and elite staff will provide each member a safe atmosphere to be the fittest, healthiest and most functional person they can be.

Our Staff

We have a friendly, well trained staff waiting to help you reach your fitness goal. Click the images below for more information about them.