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Every month or so The Combine likes to feature one or more of our members and their accomplishments since joining. Take a few moments to read the latest spotlight and see what they have accomplished. If you go to the current member spotlight page, you will also be able to read about previous members we have featured on our website. We hope to see you listed here soon!

Getting Started with CrossFit!

Most of our members haven’t had any CrossFit experience prior to training with us and even if they have we haven't had the opportunity to work woth them. Therefore, we require all new members to attend our three-class introductory program that we call “Foundations.” It’s designed to introduce you to the CrossFit methodology, the core movements and the intensity of the workouts. It's also a time for our coaches to get to know each athlete and their specific skill sets,  personality, exercise and health history a little better.  Just like CrossFit as a whole, Foundations is a learning experience, not a gut check. You cannot "fail".

The Foundations investment is $125.00 We schedule these classes by appointment only. Sign up here and click on the online store, or just call the gym. Then, contact to confirm your registration, and we'll schedule your classes.




We will be offering Vinyasa Yoga classes on
  • Sundays at 10am 
  • Tuesdays at 930am
for the next few months. This will be on a trial basis and depending on the attendance and feedback we receive we will keep in as an ongoing class. The first class starts this Sunday, October 22nd at 10am!

This class is complimentary for ALL members (in any program) of The Combine during this trial period!


The Primal Games VII Are Here!!

The Primal Games VII Are Here!!

What: Our 7th annual Primal Challenge kicks off the week of January 8th. The Primal Challenge is an in-house competition which every member has the opportunity to compete against their classmates in weekly challenges for 8 consecutive weeks. There will be two divisions (Rx & Scaled) and every weekly challenge will be modifiable for all!

This 8-week challenge is a great way to jump start the New Year; prepare for the 2018 CrossFit Open and get a start on crushing your 2018 goals! As in the past this year’s challenge will complete the week before spring break.

**This year we are adding a twist! The first 6 weeks athletes in both divisions will score points during all of the weekly challenges. At the end of the 6 weeks we will seed athletes from first to last and create a playoff bracket. Then athletes will compete “head to head” in a randomly selected workout. The winners will advance in the winner’s bracket and the loser of the head to head match-up will fall into the consolation bracket. But everyone will continue to compete until a Champion is crowned.

*Every athlete will make the playoffs. So, if you have an off week or miss a workout in the first 6 weeks that won’t knock you out of contention. But, the higher you finish the first 6 weeks the better seed you’ll have and a potential 1st round bye in the playoffs. Each divisions enrollment will determine the seeding and how many athletes will have byes.

Who: Anyone and everyone. Anyone who is in our classes will be able to compete and score points in every workout. We will have both scaled and Rx divisions where Males and Females compete only against their gender.

Top 3 Males and Females in both Rx & Scaled divisions
One Overall Body Composition Winner
Most Improved category after the 8-week Challenge.

The Weekly Challenges will test the athlete’s complete repertoire including;
Strength (low speed), Power (high speed), Muscular endurance, Cardiorespiratory endurance, Skills (gymnastics), Strongman and Barbell proficiency.

Option 1 Basic: $100
Primal challenge t-shirt,
Before/After Body Comps
Open Gym Hours**
Weekly skill shops

Option 2 Savage: $220
Option 1 plus 4 x 30 minute personal training sessions

**Open Gym Hours: Every Friday 1:30-4:30pm. And Saturdays from 1030am - 1230pm. This will be a time where you can come in and practice on your own, but there will be coaches present to assist with a “game plan” for you if you need a little more guidance.


Click here to register. 

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Childcare Now Available!!

We are now offering childcare during the Women's Only classes.  Every Monday's and Wednesday's from 8:30-9:30am.

Workout of the Day 2/23/2018

CrossFit Open WOD 18.1

Complete as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
8 toes-to-bars
10 dumbbell hang clean and jerks Rx 50/35
14/12-cal. row



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