Member Spotlight: Corey Costello

Member Spotlight: Corey Costello
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Corey has truly made remarkable physical and performance strides since he became a member in 2013. A “measly 155 pounds” when he started, Corey has put on 30 pounds of solid mass;and drastically improved his mobility, which profoundly affected his performance abilities initially. Once his mobility came, his strength fell into place!

“I’m proud of my improvement on my 15.2 workout versus 14.2...a 144 rep improvement! I was extremely frustrated last year with my overhead squats during 14.2 due to my limited mobility. I was unable to perform even one overhead squat. I literally thought about that workout for a year. When they announced 15.2, it was a chance for me to prove something.”

Coach Bane says, I enjoy coaching Corey because he truly wants to get better and wants to be coached, so he listens and will do his best regardless of the task at hand. He always has a positive attitude and brings the intensity to every WOD. I am excited to continue coaching Corey as his relentlessness will only allow him many more improvements!"

Then vs. Now

  • Deadlift:   275#  vs.  425#
  • Back Squat:   255#  vs.  355#
  • Front Squat:   185#  vs.  300#
  • Overhead Squat: PVC    vs.  205#
  • “Helen” :   11:26 Rx  vs.   9:14 Rx
  • “Cindy”:   10+2 Rx  vs.  25 Rx
  • “Jackie” :   9:24 Rx  vs.  7:17 Rx


Where are you from originally?

Orange County, CA. I’ve lived near Austin most of my life.

How did you discover [CSC] CrossFit?

I literally heard about CrossFit from all the noise I’d hear from my office across the parking lot. I would watch and ask myself, “What the hell are they doing over there? Crazy people.” Eventually, my office moved directly above The Combine and I was able to see what all that noise was about. I was utterly confused. “What was going on?  Weightlifting, gymnastics, and pure insanity all mixed together?” There were people on their knees gasping for air, and I kept seeing them come back day after day. Once I gave it a shot, I was hooked.

What is your favorite thing about CSC CrossFit?

CrossFit tests you mentally. I’ve left a workout so many times swearing I was done and not going back only to find myself there the next day. I love the competition with yourself, the clock, or the person next to you. Whatever you want it to be. It never gets boring. There is always something that you need to improve on and CrossFit exposes it to you. Every time that you face your weaknesses, you become better.

Name something we would be surprised to know about you.

I’m a nature lover. I could spend days hiking through a jungle or floating down some remote river.  I’m an introvert, I might seem a little standoffish; however, it’s just me being shy.  

Who is your favorite CrossFit athlete?

Noah Ohlsen and Lauren Fisher...they are young and up and coming. It’s going to be fun to see how they progress over the next few years.

What fitness goal(s) would you like to achieve in 2015?

I’d like to hit a 400-pound back squat, learn how to butterfly my pull-ups and improve my Olympic weightlifting technique overall.

posted 4/11/2015

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