Member Spotlight: Katie Magby

Member Spotlight: Katie Magby
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Katie, who can always been seen smiling, has been a regular presence at The Combine since October 2013. Formerly a “cardio queen”, Katie has settled into a solid weightlifting routine and embraces her new found muscles. She continues to make steady improvements, most recently setting a new power clean PR during the 15.5 Open workout, and is eager for more!

Coach Bane says, “Katie has improved dramatically in her handstand push-ups, pull-ups and moves more efficiently overall. Her mobility and strength have greatly increased, which allows her to move more effectively. It's awesome watching her in WODs because she truly seems to embrace the (good) discomfort and pushes through with a smile on her face."

Check out some of Katie's Personal Records (PR)!

  • Power Clean 135#
  • Strict Pull-Ups 13x
  • Front Squat 135#


How did you discover [CSC] CrossFit?

I discovered The Combine after moving towards Dripping Springs. I drove past it everyday, several times a day, and I found myself rubbernecking trying to see what was going on. Rain or shine, there were always people out there busting it. I was always curious about CrossFit, but had never done anything like it and I wasn't sure I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and try anything new. The fact that I couldn't wait to drive by and see what everyone was doing finally convinced me I really needed to go for it. The rest is history...I've never loved nor dreaded a workout more than I do at The Combine, ha ha.


Who inspires and/or motivates you?

 There's really not a single person at The Combine who doesn't inspire me. That's the thing about The Combine, as soon as you walk through the doors, your spirit is lifted when you're greeted. Your heart is pounding knowing you're about to have your butt handed to you, but no matter where you look, you're surrounded by people working so hard to improve themselves that you’re immediately inspired. The encouragement and coaching you receive makes THE biggest difference, especially knowing they all have “been there, done that” and they believe in you, too.


What "ah ha" moments have you had in CrossFit?

Sometimes making the commitment to push a little harder or lift a little heavier just to find out that you actually can is definitely an "ah ha" moment. One that really sticks out is a workout that called for 50 pull-ups. [Former Coach] Kady told me to go as long as I could without a band. If it were up to me, I'd have grabbed that band about 10 pull-ups in. I may have finished slower, but I did complete all 50 unassisted! I was on a high for about as long as I was sore, which was days, ha.

What fitness accomplishment are you most proud of?

I think I'm most proud of finally accomplishing muscles! I have been a cardio junkie for years and was always very frustrated not seeing any results. I most definitely get my conditioning in with CrossFit, but I LOVE how lifting weights makes me feel so much better overall. I feel stronger and love seeing my muscles pop out. It leaves me wanting more and wanting to get stronger.


What are your goals for 2015?

I love Crossfit because there are constantly new goals to strive for. My current goals are a muscle-up and 100# snatch. It’s not like a running race where you train and then the race is over. I feel like you can strive to get stronger weekly. Every week, every month is a chance for a new PR in countless movements and the feeling of hitting a PR never gets old. It allows you to yet again shoot for another PR next week. I wouldn't want to do it anywhere or with anyone other than The Combine, its coaches and members!



posted 5/11/2015

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