Member Spotlight: Cash Watkins

Member Spotlight: Cash Watkins
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Cash Watkins

Cash has been coming to The Combine to with his parents for over 3 years now. He even occasionally get's up with his Dad, Chad, to come watch the 5:30am joke! He attentively watches the classes and has even been known to "NO rep!" his mom, Mandy.

To say that Cash loves CrossFit is an understatement. This seven-year old can recite past Games workouts and scores by certain CrossFit athletes. He can tell you what Elizabeth's last name is (Akinwale) and what the 2013 games workout "Cinco I" entails.

This little dude knows what he is doing, too, and has developed ridiculous body awareness and total body movement knowledge at such a young age. There have been many instances where I've had Cash demonstrate a split jerk or tell some of the adult 5:30pm crew (which is right after the 4:30pm Young Athlete class) what the difference between a power clean versus a hang clean is.

He is not only an encyclopedia of everything CrossFit, but he has advanced motor control. His Olympic weightlifting technique is better than 90% of the adults and Cash's gymnastic skills are down right silly amazing. He has done more than 21 butterfly pull-ups in class, which the CrossFit Kids account posted on their Instagram page, and does handstand push-ups like Camille.

  1. How long have you been doing CrossFit? 1.5 years
  2. Who is your favorite CrossFit athlete and why? Julie Foucher because she is my favorite and I love her.
  3. What are your three favorite movements or lifts? Kettlebell swings, DB snatches and pull-ups...
  4. What's something we would be surprised to know about you? I don't eat Paleo. I love carbs! ;)

posted 12/16/2015