Member Spotlight: Trinity Scott

Member Spotlight: Trinity Scott
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Trinity is one of our awesome teenage athletes! She started coming to The Combine over two years ago with her mom, Brandi, and got involved in our Young Athletes programs. There, she learned the fundamentals and soaked up every opportunity to progress and do more under the guidance of her coach(es).

Trinity embraces the gymnastics components and isn't afraid of moving weight on the barbell either.  Her 5RM on her Push Press is 85# and can knock out an easy set of 11 unbroken kipping pull-ups. She even competed in a women's only competition last spring! It was clear that her body awareness and mental maturation overgrew the "Young Athlete's classes." Today, you can find Trinity in the 5:30a adult CoEd class (whoa!) working out alongside her mom. She's eager to learn and grow and loves her new environment she's found within the adult programming.

"Trinity is one of our most proficient and competent athletes of ANY age!", says Coach Robert.

  1. How long have you been doing CrossFit? a little over 2 years
  2. Who is your favorite CrossFit athlete and why? Brooklyn Smith because she's so determined and that's someone I look up to.
  3. What are your three favorite movements or lifts? Rope climbs, handstand walks and squat cleans...
  4. What's something we would be surprised to know about you? I love the adult classes because they're much more challenging, but I hate when I'm the last one working out and everyone is cheering at me. It stresses me out. 



posted 1/20/2016