Member Spotlights: Amy A. & Melisa R.

Member Spotlights: Amy A. & Melisa R.
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A CSC member for just shy of three years, Amy attributes CrossFit to helping her be a better, more patient and confident woman, wife and mother. With four boys ranging in age from one to eight, Amy understands and appreciates that in order for her to be a top notch caregiver to her family; she must first take care of her physical and mental health. She achieves this through her regular attendance at The Combine.

  1. What is your favorite part about The Combine? It's hard to pick one thing, but if I have to, I'd say the COMMUNITY. We have the most amazingly supportive and hardworking members and coaches! It can be the crack of dawn and we're all tired, but everyone shows up with a positive attitude. It's the best way to start the day!

  2. What accomplishment(s) are you most proud of? My kids, without a doubt. The fact that they are happy and healthy little boys on their way to becoming good men is my life's work. Beyond that, I take great pride in making my fitness a priority and modeling healthy behavior for them. When you're a parent, it's easy to lose yourself. Making time for myself and making my own physical and mental health a priority allows me to be more effective in everything I do – work, kids, marriage, the works.

  3. What major "ah ha" moments have you recently experienced? We practiced kipping a few weeks ago in the community workout and for some strange reason, all of the sudden, it made more sense to me. I feel closer to getting a kipping pull-up that I ever have been! I feel like Coach Bane has been commenting for ages about my habit of rounding my back and letting my knee collapse during certain movements for forever. It FINALLY dawned on me how not paying attention to those two things has been impacting my lifting. Now that I’m consciously working on it, I feel like I’m able to lift more and some of the aches I’d had previously post-workout have disappeared. (DUH!)

  4. Name something we'd be surprised to know about you. I was a heavy, two-pack-a-day smoker for over 15 years. I completely trashed my body and took my health and body for granted. I quit a little over eleven years ago and it was the best decision I have ever made, besides marrying my husband. 

  5. Name your three favorite CrossFit movements or lifts. Not surprisingly, my favorites seem to be tied to the functional moves I use in everyday life. Squats (picking up babies), cleans (especially stone cleans which remind me of slinging bags of mulch and feed or moving rocks), and farmer’s carries (again with the carrying babies) seem to be the movements enjoy the most, probably because I get the most practice!



Along with her husband, Rick, Melisa was one of our first members when we opened our doors five years ago. She has been a constant and positive presence in the gym ever since. You’ll see her in our competitor program and was also a part of our Regional Team in 2014. Pepper, one of our youngest unofficial members at four months, frequently watches her mother, Melisa, work out at The Combine. 

After finding out she was pregnant, Melisa remained steadfast in her commitment to her health and fitness within newly defined limitations. In fact, Melisa continued to workout, monitoring her intensity and switching to the Women's Only Boot Camp classes that offer less barbell work until one day before Pepper was born!

Like many find, our community also plays a huge role in Melisa's life. As a personal trainer by profession, she understands first hand how important being surrounded by experienced, knowledgeable coaches and peers fighting the same battle can have on one's mental health and performance capabilities. "I know I can trust the programming to give me the results I need and the coaches to help motivate me to perform to my best abilities...The extended family and friends I've acquired while working out at The Combine over the years has been invaluable. I love my Combine family!", Melisa said. 

  1. What fitness goal(s) would you like to achieve this year? I'd like to get back to my pre-pregnancy strength and skills. It's hard to make specific goals because I'm still trying to figure out how my body is adjusting four months postpartum.

  2. What advice can you offer to new members? Be prepared to be humbled daily, ha. I'd give that advice to new members and seasoned athletes! Focus less on the prescribed weights, getting the fastest time and instead, focus more on moving safely and efficiently. Be consistent; come as often as you can-- even if you think you're too sore to move-- that's when you need to move your body the most! Lastly, celebrate the small victories along the way; they add up.

  3. Name something we would be surprised to know about you. I was an assistant drum major in high school.

  4. When you're not working out, how do you spend your free time? Is this a trick question? Any free time I have is spent working out because it's my favorite thing to do! Any bonus free time is spent playing with Pepper, reading and working on my blog. I also enjoy backing and cooking when I get the chance.

  5. Name your three favorite CrossFit movements or lifts. Since running probably doesn't count...deadlifts, pull-ups and double unders.



posted 2/18/2016

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