Member Spotlight: Travis Plummer

Member Spotlight: Travis Plummer
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Travis Plummer is a constant presence and pleasure at the gym, exuding positivity and support to his fellow classmates. He has experienced his fair share of life's lemons since joining The Combine two years ago, but you'd never know it as he takes every opportunity to not only better himself, but to help and encourage his peers to do the same. A lawyer by trade, his work load can become quite daunting, but he always finds his way to the gym-- perhaps a form of stress management-- to knock out great workouts. Travis' indomitable spirit and calm strength is the stuff champions are made from!


 What is your favorite thing about CSC CrossFit? The community - without a doubt. The gym has been incredible to be a part of. I first enjoyed The Combine because everyone was welcoming and fun to be around and it gave me a competitive outlet. However, when life's real struggles came in to members' lives, I saw compassion and an unfettered willingness to care for one another. I have seen members willing to offer their homes, meals, vehicles, and most importantly, their time and hearts, to one another. It's a community unlike any I have ever witnessed in a gym. 

What advice do you have for new members? Spend more time in the gym and enjoy the ride. It's okay to get frustrated when you miss a lift or can't seem to achieve some new skill, but never let that frustration cloud your ability to perceive the incredible strides you have made and are making. And enjoy the people. They're the reason you'll get up in the morning or delay getting home after work!

What fitness goal(s) would you like to achieve this year? I'd love to improve my consistency on double-unders and muscle-ups. I'd also like to see a 10+ lb increase on all my Olympic lifts.

What fitness accomplishment(s) are you most proud of? That I had the guts to sign up for CrossFit competitions, which have proved to be remarkably fun.

When you are not working out, how do you spend your free time? With my dog, Bella, hanging with friends and family, hunting...or working.

Name your three favorite CrossFit movements or lifts. Toes to bar, rope climbs, cleans.


posted 3/23/2016