Member Spotlight: Mandi Ledford

Member Spotlight: Mandi Ledford
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One year into her CSC membership this month, Mandi has made tremendous improvements. Her involvement has evolved over the course of this past year from a twice a week Women's Only Boot Camp three times per three times per week plus two days of personal training with Coach Gina. While her body weight has remained constant, her body has completely transformed into a leaner, more muscular and fit machine!

"Mandi been an absolute delight to coach and train. She's open-minded and trusting, is extremely coachable and never complains, ha! It's been incredible watching this woman transform before my very eyes both in how well she moves and how amazing she looks. She's such a positive influence in class amongst the other women and helps to motivate and support them. I've been extremely impressed with her and look forward to seeing how much more I can pull out of her!" -Coach Gina

  1. What brought you to The Combine? My boyfriend started working out there and told me about the Women's Only Boot Camp classes thinking I might be interested in checking them out.
  2. What keeps you coming back? I love the coaching and the encouragement to be stronger and better than yesterday. There's always something new to learn or improve on! It keeps me more motivated than going to your average globo gym.
  3. What fitness accomplishments are you most proud of? There was so much initially that I wasn't able to do, ha ha. I was super excited when I got my first unassisted pistol squats, rope climbs and kipping pull-ups. I've also gotten a lot stronger, which is fun to see!
  4. What are your current goals? I'd like to further develop my core strength and stability and be able to hold an L-Sit for 30 seconds.
  5. What would we be surprised to know about you? I have a Bachelor's Degree in Biology, but don't get much use of it being a realtor.

Final Thoughts: It's been awesome seeing how my body has changed these past 12 months. My arms, shoulders and back are what everyone notices anymore; though, my legs are more defined now, too! I'm doing things I never thought I'd be able to do. I'm grateful for Gina's coaching and am having so much FUN in class with the other ladies! 

posted 4/17/2016