Member Spotlight: Arpad Takacs

Member Spotlight: Arpad Takacs
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Arpad Tacaks joined us in early 2014 and has been a steady fixture in our evening classes. "He's just a good guy that everyone gets along with. Arpad is one of our best movers with unbelievable mobility, which is surpising for a muscular guy of his size," says Coach Bane.

Here's a little Q & A to get to know Arpad:

1. What brought you to The Combine?

As the “affectionate” stereotype goes, crossfitters cannot shut up about their workouts, achievements, and ultimately the life changing experiences that happen at their box.  So was the case with my long time friend and mentor Rob, which is definitely a testament to Bane’s personal training with him. I just had to try it out for myself and see what it’s all about. I’ve weight trained regularly off and on since high school, but the monotonous individual training was just not inspiring, and honestly not really working anymore. It was time for a radical change to find a training method that would work long term.   

2. What keeps you coming back?

After the initial hype of getting into crossfit, learning the moves and seeing my general slow, but steady progression with intermittent jumps in skill improvements and PRs, I truly believe in the process and see the long term benefits of this style of training.   

3. What fitness accomplishment(s) are you most proud of?

Looking back at the last two years of my crossfit experience and training, a really good benchmark was comparing the results of the last two Crossfit Opens and seeing the measurable improvements. In 2015, I went from completing two of the five orkouts in the Rx category and scaling the rest either due to lack of strength or not being able to perform certain moves versus completing all five workouts in the Rx category in the 2016 Open. My body composition numbers have been improving slow and steady as well, which is nice to see especially with my lack of discipline with my diet sometimes. More importantly, my biometrics numbers have improved greatly, which was much needed given some of my unfortunate genetics.     

4. What other fitness goal(s) would you like to achieve in 2016?

I’d like to keep improving in general, in strength, skill, and cardio while maintaining good flexibility and staying injury free. As long as I am seeing improvements, I am satisfied. I’d like to get under 200 lbs as well.

5. What advice do you have for new members?

The common thread here is consistency and long term commitment, like with most fitness programs. Not every workout is “pretty” or fun necessarily, but the rewards and achievements far outweigh the occasional pain and discomfort of training hard.  Don’t get discouraged and relish the opportunities to learn new skills and moves.    

6. Name something we would be surprised to know about you.

I was a skinny, frail looking kid with asthma and allergies basically through high school, and I guess I am still not used to being viewed as a “bigger” guy, as some people see me who come to know me after. Also, being born and raised in a former communist block country, I’ve been introduced to the rings since elementary school, more for flexibility versus strength though.

7. When you are not working out, how do you spend your free time?

Nothing too exciting here, I like to hang out with friends.  Mostly exploring downtown and the East side, going out on the lake, playing racquetball, seeking out and attending various creative, comedy, art, and architecture events in town.  I like to travel and visit family any chance I get as well, in Portland, Las Vegas, and back home in Hungary.

8. Name your three favorite movements or lifts.

  • Getting the rhythm of double unders for the first time.
  • Completing my first bar muscle ups during the Open Workout.
  • Being part of a larger crossfit community...during the 2016 Open, I had to complete on of the workouts in another box during travel with strangers basically, but it totally felt like we were all part of something together, like minded individuals with commitment to fitness and improving ourselves.

From my experience, ironically enough, the way to make crossfit work is to make it part of your routine. 


posted 5/20/2016

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