Member Spotlight: Justin Waight

Member Spotlight: Justin Waight
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If you've ever been to the early morning classes or noon classes during the summer, you may have seen Justin and his son Connally battling it out to see who's going to finish the fastest. While Connally is holding it down at the CrossFit gym in his college town; Justin is making gains here at The Combine. Justin is one of the most courteous members and brings a quiet, yet positive energy to the classes. He's always willing to work hard and improve his lifts/technique/form.

Get to know Justin in the questionnaire below:

How did you discover The Combine [CSC] CrossFit?

I drive by it everyday on my way into Austin. I was talking with my business partner about it and he said we should try it. We agreed to go the next day, he no-showed and I started the next day and haven't stopped yet. (He has yet to come in!!)

What has CrossFit at The Combine done for your personally?

Physically? Crossfit has definitely given me a huge stress release! Physically it has "killed" me up until about three months ago; though it has been incredible to wake up and feel like I'm in shape again.

Who/what inspires/motivates you or why do you workout?

Throughout the last year my motivations have been from my family this last summer joining me for workouts; to watching different people in the gym like Chad Fleming excel during the workouts.

What is one of your favorite moments you've had in CrossFit?

One of the biggest moments for me came this summer when all three of my boys joined Tracy and I for workouts at The Combine.

What fitness accomplishment are you most proud of? Have you hit any recent PR's or achieved any other goal(s)? Any future goals?

Just being able to visually see my muscles again has been one accomplishment I am happy about. I hit 315 on bench and climbed the peg board. Muscle ups are coming real soon; I will have one by the end of the year!!

What are your favorite CrossFit workouts or exercises/movements?

I really enjoy the random movements like box jumps, rope climbs, and using the sledge hammer. Deadlifts are not my favorite!

When you are not working out, how do you spend your free time?

I really enjoy spending time with my boys; hunting, fishing, being out on the lake, and going to sporting events - just being outdoors. Helping others especially young people with illnesses and troubles; I would much rather give than receive in life.

posted 11/16/2016