Member Spotlight: Darren Brown

Member Spotlight: Darren Brown
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Darren has been gracing the 12:30 pm's class with his presence for almost 5 years now.  As an ex college baseball player whose athleticism is easily identifiable. "He's one of our most powerful and most well rounded athletes," says coach Robert.  "There's not many guys 36 years old that can broad jump nearly 9', Power Snatch 215 lbs., Jerk 285 lbs. and move like him."

How did you discover The Combine [CSC] CrossFit? And how long have you been a member? 

Thinking back it’s kind of funny, I dropped in a few crossfit gyms on the southwest side of Austin before I came across a picture of the Combine (the old gym).  For some reason, it just seemed to draw me in and connect with me. 

I've been a member going on 5 years. Sounds like someone deserves a gym bag or something...ha! 

What has CrossFit at the Combine done for your personally? Physically?

Too many benefits to list, but ultimately it gives me a much needed hour long break from my daily stresses.  Physically? I was a college baseball player way back when. I feel Crossfit has given me back some of my athletism that I’ve lost since college. I feel today I am stronger all around than I was in college; just wish I could get back my endurance as well as the energy I had!  

Who/what inspires/motivates you or why do you workout? It’s important for me to maintain an active lifestyle.  

I feel better since I’ve started CrossFit (even on those day’s I can barely bend my legs or back) and sleep better.  I also look forward to keeping up with my kids as they get older.

What is one of your favorite moments you've had in CrossFit? 

My first ring and bar muscle ups were pretty cool.  And when I finally hit a 200lb snatch (it took a while).

What fitness accomplishment are you most proud of? Have you hit any recent PR's or achieved any other goal(s) in our outside of CrossFit?  Competing in the Open and POC for the last 3 years.  Any future goals?  I would love to hit 225lb snatch and 300lb clean.

What are your favorite CrossFit workouts or exercises/movements?  Any workouts that involve a barbell.

When you are not working out, how do you spend your free time? 

Keeping up with my wife, 3 year old daughter and 15 month old son.


posted 9/12/2017

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