Member Spotlight - Nancy Fair

Featured member at The Combine - 2012
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How did you hear about Crossfit/The Combine?
My daughter, Katie Goeckel, convinced me to start some personal training sessions with Robert Brown who had just opened The Combine, so I bought 10 semi-personal training sessions June 2011.  

Why did you start crossfit?  
I had never heard of crossfit before, so I asked Robert while training with him what it was all about.  He suggested I join a class to see if I would like it.  I was hooked from the start....terrified, but hooked!

What has crossfit at The Combine done for you personally? Physically?
Oh man, this may take up more room on this page than I have!  I had been really disgusted with my weight gain, high blood pressure and cholesterol over the past couple of years since suffering a nearly career-ending riding accident.  I train dressage horses for a living.  I dislocated and shattered my left shoulder, broke my humerus, lower back and collar bone in one nasty accident in ’08.  Additionally, I inherited osteoarthritis in both knees from my dad.  Little by little, I felt I was falling apart, and was getting depressed, and lacking motivation to do anything about it.  Halfway through my 56th year, I was beginning to resign myself to what I thought was an irreversible decline of health and fitness.  I was on blood pressure medication, and warned by my doctor that if I didn’t get my cholesterol down from an all-time high of 240, I’d have to take medication for that as well.  So, last March I began taking Body Pump at the “Y” in the Drip, however after a month or so of that, I felt it wasn’t challenging enough. 

After the 10 sessions with Robert, I signed up for Crossfit last July, and have been going three days a week ever since.  The results have been phenomenal.  In November, just four months later, my cholesterol was down to 170, and my blood pressure has been consistently running in the neighborhood of 112/69, low enough to convince my doctor to take me off of my blood pressure medication!  Those results were strictly a result of Crossfit as I hadn’t really changed my diet at all.  I lost over 4% body fat during that period as well. 

During the Combine’s New Year’s Challenge, I started a paleo-conscience diet, and in 35 days, lost an additional 4% body fat and 5 lbs.  Since last June, I have lost a total of 30 pounds!!!!  

What do you like most about Crossfit?
I love it!  It is forever challenging, and in that respect my body is always in a state of shock, but that’s a good thing.  I feel incredibly stronger, my knees feel great in all day-to-day activities.  It used to hurt so bad to go down stairs, that I would avoid going up them, knowing I’d have to come down.  I love the way I feel....positive, happy, more confident in everything I do, and I feel younger after losing all that weight and gaining muscle.  One of the best benefits is that I have dropped two jean sizes!

What do you like most about The Combine?  
I have to say that I have NEVER been one to take classes, or workout.  Riding horses and all the work associated with that lifestyle took care of my fitness for most of my life.  However, after turning 50, going through menopause, suffering serious injuries, riding alone wasn’t cutting it anymore.  I give crossfit, and more importantly, Robert and Luke at the Combine complete credit for my amazing results.  Not only are they incredibly competent coaches/teachers, making sure the movements, various weightlifting routines are done with correct form to minimize chances of injury, they are positive, motivating, and FUN!  They have created an environment where everyone is awesomely supportive and passionate about crossfit.  They have built a serious training facility with a healthy mix of competitiveness and sincere caring and support between their members.  I’m not sure, but I believe I’m the oldest member of The Combine.  In the beginning, I was intimidated by this fact alone.  Everyone there seemed so young and STRONG!  I was doubting my place there, but Robert and Luke never made me feel that way.  In fact, they turned my thinking this way completely around.  I owe my health and fitness to them!  Love you guys!

What goals have you set and reached since starting at The Combine?  
My initial goal was to get moving again, and lose weight.  I never knew I wanted to be stronger, build muscles, etc., but I do and I HAVE!  I also wanted to see if I could live in less pain (knees and shoulder).  That goal has been realized in that day-to-day stuff hurt before, and because of the strength and muscle building, normal life movement doesn’t hurt anymore.  

What are your 3 favorite exercises?
Hmmmm.....definitely NOT BURPEES!; Abmat sit-ups, kettle-bell swings and deadlifts.  Actually, I hate most of the exercises, but have a strange love/hate relationship with them all.

posted 4/1/2012

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