Member Spotlight - Jason Massey

Jason Massey
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Jason, his wife Abby and family joined us last year and we've been honored to work with them since last September. Jason has been one of the most consistent and diligent members we have and his results show it!  He has lost over 42 pounds and dropped his body fat percentage down to 16%! 

Starting weight: 238 pounds | Current weight: 194 pounds and 16% Body Fat!!

How did you hear about CSC CrossFit/The Combine?I heard about crossfit at Crossfit Central.  I used to work close to their Burnet Rd. location.  I saw a bunch of people running around working out and it looked fun.  So I stopped in and they told me about crossfit.  I heard about The Combine simply by driving down hwy 290.

Why did you start CrossFit?  
I needed to do something about my personal fitness.  I was way out of shape.  I felt like I was an old man.

What has crossfit at The Combine done for you personally? Physically?
Personally, I am in a lot better shape.  I have a lot more endurance than I ever have.  Surprisingly, crossfit has really helped me emotionally.  I am happy person when I work out!  Physically, crossfit has completely removed my chronic joint pain.

What do you like most about CrossFit? 
The thing I like the most about Crossfit is the challenge.  Every WOD is a challenge.  Crossfit challenges your personal fitness level everyday.  I like the fact that  you are in a group class but have the freedom to push yourself to your own limits.

 What do you like most about The Combine?  
The thing I like about The Combine is the friendly atmosphere.  I've never once felt out of place.  Everyone is very helpful.  We all suffer together.  I think that's what brings us together as friends.

 What goals have you set and reached since starting at The Combine?  
I didn't have any real "goals" when I started.  I just wanted to feel better.  After the fitness challenge results at the first of the year I did set a goal of having six pack abs by birthday in September.  Unfortunately, with my schedule changes and my injuries that goal has not been achieved.  However, I am still very satisfied with my results and I'm setting some new goals now.  I want to see some significant increases on my benchmarks over the next couple of months.

 What are your 3 favorite exercises? 
Its hard to limit it to just three.  Clean and Jerk, Snatch and Thrusters.  I like to lift the weight above my head. Guess it makes me feel powerful.

posted 9/5/2012