Member Spotlight - Ashley Delonas

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"I've gone from a size 12 to a size 6/4. I've lost about 26lbs since we started."  - Ashley Delonas

Ashley and her husband Danny Delonas have been a regular in our CoEd CrossFit classes since January 2012.  They both bring in a friendly and open minded attitude to the workouts.  That coupled with their diligent work ethic has increased their perfomance and transformed their health and body composition.  We are honored to spotlight Ashley's story with us.  

Here are just a few of her unbelievable results:

  • Over 12% Body Fat lost!  
  • She has dropped over 24 lbs. of Fat Mass.
  • Lost 9.75 inches in her waist!!!!! 

How did you hear about CSC CrossFit/The Combine?
Danny and I first heard of CrossFit/The Combine from Phillip and Shawna Jansen. They talked about CrossFit almost every time we got together with them, it was positive peer pressure. And it worked, we joined CrossFit about 3 months after we met them.

Why did you start CrossFit?  
For a long time, I've used my physically active job as an excuse to not workout. However, the reality of my physical health eventually outweighed that justification. I knew I needed to do something, but I knew the gym wouldn't work for me. I wouldn't have the accountability I knew I needed, not to mention the fact that I was completely clueless as to what machines I needed to use, and weights were even more foreign to me. My high school health class failed me!

What has crossfit at The Combine done for you personally? Physically?
Sounds cliche, but what hasn't it done?! Mentally, I feel so much better. I think more clearly and as I'm sure my husband would agree with, I'm in a much better mood after I work out. Physically, I've gone from a size 12 to a size 6/4. I've lost about 26lbs since we started. Overall, I'm gaining my confidence back, but in a way I've never known. I never knew what strength I was capable of, I never knew my potential. Through a lot of positive encouragement not only from the wonderful trainers but from my fellow CrossFitters, I've been able to discover my potential, it's exciting, it's encouraging, it's motivating and its given me inner confidence. I could not get that from a traditional gym. 

What do you like most about CrossFit? 
 I LOVE how diverse the workouts are, they are never the same, aside from the benchmarks. Ive never pushed myself so much before and ive also never had so much fun working out. Call me crazy but I love swinging sledge hammers and doing wall balls. Before I joined, I read that CrossFit consists of constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity which optimizes your workouts, I tried it, and it truly does. There's nothing like it! I also like how everything is scalable, anyone can do it!

What do you like most about The Combine?  
First and foremost, I love the trainers. Every single one of them. They are extremely dedicated, they love what they do and their motivation drives me to push myself harder and be consistent. I love our classes, they are diverse and motivating. Over the last 11 months, I've made great friends and partners. There's a commorodory like no other, everyone there wants you to be the best version of yourself and everyone wants you to succeed, to me, thats priceless

What goals have you set and reached since starting at The Combine?  
When I first started, I was afraid to set too many goals because I wasn't sure if I could keep up. Now that I've seen results I'm more motivated to keep setting goals. One goal I did have though was to get back to my wedding weight....I'm happy to say that I'm almost there. Only 8 more lbs to go, but now ill be fit! Another goal I did have was to be excited about working out. On Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays, I cant wait to workout. I know I'll be challenged and reap great rewards!  My current goals are to keep getting stronger and keep gaining muscle. I have a goal of doing a full handstand push-up, hand stand walks and double unders. 

What are your 3 favorite movements/exercises?

My 3 favorite exercises are kettle bell swings, wall balls and turkish getups. All of them are full body workouts and fun!

posted 12/8/2012

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