Member Spotlight - David Tovar

Member Spotlight - David Tovar
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David has been training at The Combine since January 2012.  Since then, he has been a class favorite with his energetic personality and determination in the gym.  That determination was most prevalent after tearing his ACL last summer in a flag football game.  Although limited in some movements/exercises for a few months he maintained his attendance in class (with modifications) and never made excuses.  

That hard work has paid off!  He has dropped 9% Body Fat and lost 17.5 pounds of Fat Mass.  Last month David won our annual 35 day Primal Challenge based on improvements in ones work capacity, body composition results and accountability.

How did you hear about CSC CrossFit/The Combine? 

I first heard about the C.S.C. from a coworker, who has requested to remain anonymous because he hasn’t shown up for workouts in a long time. But after meeting and speaking with Robert about the kind of results I could expect to see and feel when incorporating CrossFit and a strict diet into my regimen, I became more interested.

Why did you start CrossFit?  

 I was tired of the average-joe workout routine because I wasn’t seeing the results that I wanted to see. I also wanted to get into shape and feel much younger than I am. I like to play a lot of sports: football, basketball, soccer, etc., which require great conditioning, and I hated being out of commission for more than a day after playing a couple of pick-up games.

What has CrossFit at The Combine done for you personally? Physically?

It’s definitely been a lifestyle change. Because of the strict dieting that the trainers at The Combine preach on a daily basis, I’m more conscious about what I eat and drink. I’ve been able to shed several unwanted pounds in the past year while also gaining a significant amount of muscle mass. All in all, I haven’t felt this rejuvenated since I was in high school. I feel great. Mind, body, and soul.

What do you like most about CrossFit? 

I like the challenge that CrossFit brings to the table every single day. The workouts are always different, so you never know what to expect. You tend to find out a lot about yourself and your limits. If you don’t find God while doing CrossFit, you’re doing it all wrong.

What do you like most about The Combine?  

There are several things I like the most about The Combine: the “Check your ego at the door” rule which keeps everyone in check, the friendly atmosphere that creates friendly competition, the awesome facility, and the expert advice from the coaching staff.

What goals have you set and reached since starting at The Combine?  

I think the main goal I had in mind when I started at The Combine was to gain overall awareness of my health and well-being. The Combine has definitely helped with that. 

What are your 3 favorite movements/exercises?

Kettle Bell Swings, Box Jumps, and Power Cleans

You recently had ACL reconstruction.  How has your recovery been while doing CrossFit?

Following ACL surgery last summer, I was determined to get back into CrossFit as soon as possible. I was already on a strict rehab regimen through Dr. Windler at Austin Sports Medicine, but The Combine helped in that they were able to help me regain full range of motion and flexibility on my reconstructed knee, faster than my doctor expected. I pushed myself and was able to get my knee stronger by following the coaches advice and suggestions. In Feb. 2012 (before injury/surgery) my one rep max on squat was 305 lbs. After working with Robert, Kady, and Webster at The Combine, in Feb. 2013 (post surgery/rehab), I PR’d my one rep max on squat at 325 lbs. It’s an unbelievable feeling. 




posted 4/10/2013