Member Spotlight - Makenzie Borchardt

Member Spotlight - Makenzie Borchardt
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Makenzie Borchardt started working with us as a high school senior earlier this year and she has been so positive and energetic in every class she steps into.

Having never played any organized sports and being a competitive person, CrossFit has given her an outlet and opportunity to play and compete for the first time. Makenzie has definitely seen some great physical and healthy body composition changes, but the most important change and concern has been her health.  Now 18 years old, she has been living with Type 1 Diabetes for 11 years, and credits her more regulated blood glucose levels to the consistency of her workout regimen, coupled with high intensity workouts.  All of this has increased her dietary awareness and importance of food as fuel.



How did you hear about The Combine? 

I heard about The Combine from a friend of mine at church! I love working out, but I get bored super easily.  When I am doing the same thing every day or similar things often, I end up getting tired of it and quitting. When I heard about CrossFit and how it is constantly varied, I thought it sounded super fun and it has totally taken that “bored” feeling away. I now look forward to finding out what we are doing each day in the workouts!

What has CrossFit done for you personally, emotionally and physically?

The Combine has become a big part of my everyday life. I love coming and working out with other people and pushing myself and having others push me through the workouts. Crossfit has helped me see myself through different eyes. It has helped me realize that I can overcome anything physically, mentally, or emotionally if I just push myself. Even when it’s tough and you just want to give up, if you give it your best, you can do it. Anything is possible!

What do you like most about CrossFit and these types of workouts?

One of my favorite things about CrossFit is the challenge of it. I love being pushed and pushing myself to the limit. CrossFit definitely does that for me! It’s a great feeling after a workout to know that you left it all on the floor.  To come back a few months later and see that you have gotten stronger and that your hard work is paying off is the best!

What do you like most about The Combine?

My favorite thing about The Combine would have to be the people. I love coming and working out with other people. Everyone is super encouraging and helpful. It's fun seeing other people's different strengths and weaknesses and helping each other through that. I have definitely learned a lot from other people at the Combine.

What goals have you set and achieved since you’ve been working out here?

 My main goal coming into CrossFit was to lose weight. Although I have lost 10lbs. since starting, my goals have changed a lot. I’m more focused now on getting stronger instead of how much I weight. I know that will come in time. My goals now are to be able to do each move to the best of my ability and with the correct form without any help. Especially pull-ups all the way throughout a workout without having to use a band!

What changes have you seen with your diabetes since you started working out here?

CrossFit has really helped me keep a better eye on my Type 1 Diabetes. I have become more aware of what I need to be eating in order to regulate my numbers and also provide fuel for my body. Over the last few months, I have seen my numbers become more regulated and “normal” due to the consistency of working out several times a week. I’m excited to continue to see positive changes in my health!

You mentioned never playing organized sports but being competitive.  How has CrossFit helped challenge you in that aspect?

After I had done CrossFit for a couple months or so I was totally addicted! I never really played sports growing up but I have always wanted to compete in something.  So, CrossFit gave me the opportunity to compete in something that I enjoy doing. I am a super competitive person. So, when I am put in a situation where I could possibly win and there are others shooting for the same goals I am, it forces me to push myself harder.



posted 9/17/2013