Member Spotlight - Brandi Scott

Member Spotlight - Brandi Scott
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Brandi Scott started working out with us at The Combine in the summer of 2011.  She has been one of the most consisitent and hardest working members since starting 2 1/2 years ago.  She still gets up at 5am to attend the 5:30am calss 3x/week  and that dedication has paid off!  She brings positive energy every day and ll her classmates respect and look up to her.   She has also recently enrolled her daughter who also works out with Coach Kady in the Young Athlete's class.

Brandi has had unbelievable physical results in the form of body comosition changes and performance related.  Here are a just a few of the health transformations Brandi has made so far.  She has lost over 7% Body Fat and 12 pounds of Fat while increasing her lean (fat free) mass 11 pounds!

And, just last week got her 1st bar Muscle up!!!

Tell us how and why you got started working out here....
I've always been active and loved competitive sports growing up.   I stopped doing intense workouts shortly after finishing school, but continued running and doing simple unorganized workouts on my own.  Boring!! But nonetheless, that was what I knew and had time for.

I met Robert and Daniel in a social environment, and I office just down the street from The Combine.  As we chatted about CrossFit, I was obviously open ears and interested.  I had no idea! I objected the invite for a while, as I knew just from hearing what it is I would fall in love. Being a single mom of two kids who are highly active and demanding of my hard earned money and time, I didn't want to add anything else to my budget.  I couldn't imagine throwing yet another debit at my account, but I surrendered and tried a class.  Ha! Hook, line, and sinker! In love!  Two and a half years later, I am still making my way to The Combine, and I've just recently enrolled my daughter.

What do you like most about CrossFit?

I enjoy the people and love the group classes! Waking up at 5 AM three times a week to see all my gorgeous ladies and throw some weight around, what sounds better?  Now, when I started CrossFit I was quite thin.  I ate healthy, so I thought. Once I began the workouts, my appetite increased tremendously. I started gaining what I’ll call ugly weight.  I explained to Robert that I wasn’t comfortable my weight gain.  He encouraged me to start keeping a food journal and email it to him weekly. I did, and boy was that eye opening! Nonetheless, through a few months of his guidance and corrections of course, I had a great daily plan. 


What has CrossFit and The Combine done for you?  What results and goals have you achieved?

In early 2012, I entered a 35 day challenge promoted by The Combine.  I threw myself at this and gave it 110%.  Strict Paleo (for real, no cheating)!   I lost almost 5% body fat in 35 days!  I truly noticed the change in myself.  The Paleo diet makes you lean.  Lean was key and I was moving there.  It was fab! I could totally feel muscle definition in my legs while shaving.  It was nuts, and I couldn't believe it!

Well since then, I choose to live 100% Paleo (80% of the time J).  It works for me.  I'm completely content with my look, and I owe this to the knowledge of The Combine reps for guidance encouragement (and my own discipline, too, I reckon).

What else you would like to add?

I've encountered road bumps along the way, as we all do.  In my world and where I am, it's called getting old. The Combine and their team remain solid and continue to encourage me in my growth and safety in all WODs. This is very important to me, especially since I enrolled my daughter. Her safety and health is of the utmost of importance. Coach Kady is amazing and a fantastic kids’ athlete coach. Qualified, patient, and fun! Not only does she have the biggest heart with these kids, she knows what she is doing!!  And that, my friends, is not always the case!  Thank you, Kady, for your consideration and professionalism of the CrossFit sport. Trinity loves the class and that's because you make it what it is!!

I love CrossFit because it's fun, competitive, forever different, and freakin’ tough! If you're not struggling with it, you're cheating yourself.  No pain. No Gain.  I love The Combine people, I love our atmosphere.  Check your ego at the door.  Park it there or don't walk in. I love any and everyone and that's what I love the most.  Beginners, amateurs, pros—we do it together, in unison.  There is NO “better than you” BS. No room for that.  The Combine holds a strong community bond and I love that.  I do my best to encourage new and old members, as well to keep our community what it is! 


My Favorite Workout:    HSPU, Back Squats, Wall Balls and Battle Bands





posted 12/10/2013

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