Member Spotlight: Brian H.

Member Spotlight: Brian H.
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"Because of CrossFit I no longer use my birth defects as a reason of why I can't do something."

Brian Horton has been with us for a little over a year!  He is a police officer and regardless of whether or not he’s had a good day, Brian always walks into class with a smile on his face.  He always gives 110% and encourages the other members.   Brian has lost over 35#’s, lost 12% Body Fat since joining The Combine, increased his cardiorespiratory endurance and can still Deadlift a decent amount of weight at 585#’s!!  All that said the biggest benefit he’s seen is the daily increase of function and confidence coupled with the loss of pain from birth defects he’s been dealing with his entire life.


  • Starting Press: 155#'s                   Current PR: 195#'s
  • Starting Cindy: 11+5 (Rx)              Current Cindy: 20+ 6 (Rx)
  • Starting Back Squat:  225#'s          Current PR:   345#’s
  • Deadlift:  585#'s

Read more of our Q&A wih Brian below. 

1. How did you hear about the C.S.C. CrossFit/The Combine?

I moved to Dripping Springs in June of 2013 and was searching for a new CrossFit gym.   I called The Combine and spoke with Robert and he told me to come by for a workout. The next day I showed up just in time for Murph!   After suffering through Murph I was able to meet some of the people from the gym.   I joined the Combine that day because everyone was so welcoming and it was a cool environment.

2. Why did you start CrossFit?

I started CrossFit because I needed a change.   I worked out for years doing the same thing day after day.  For years I would do the same workout on the same day of the week and used the same weight.  I lost the desire to challenge myself and after a while it was rare that I would even get my heart rate up.  I was born with several (a very long list) of major birth defects in both of my legs and feet.   As a child and young man, I would try to hide them the best I could because I was embarrassed, but as an adult I've learned to embrace them and to stop feeling sorry for myself.   Along with the problems in my legs and feet came incredible pain.   There are countless nights where I cannot even walk.   I have to either crawl or use crutches to get around the house.    I would get several Cortisone injections a month for years leading up to me starting Crossfit.   I would stay away from running and any workouts involving legs because of the pain that would follow.  That is why I was very hesitant to start CrossFit.   I have been doing CrossFit for about two years now and have not received one injection since I started!   CrossFit is everything that I spent most of my life avoiding because of the fear of failure and the fear of causing my body more pain.   I am amazed at the way my body has responded to the intense workouts.   Because of CrossFit I no longer use my birth defects as a reason of why I can't do something.

3. What has CrossFit at The Combine done for you personally, emotionally, health wise, physically…?

When I joined the Combine I was 260 lbs and over 24% body fat.   I have lost over 35 lbs since joining and I am down to 12% body fat.   Joining The Combine has made me excited about working out again and staying physically fit.

4. What do you like most about CrossFit?

I like the members and coaches the best about CrossFit.   I worked out in gyms for years.   I would see the same people in the gym for years and nobody would speak to each other. It became a pretty depressing environment. In CrossFit, everyone is very welcoming and encouraging.   No matter what the fitness level everyone pushes each other.   There are days when I'm the last one to finish a WOD, but I don't get discouraged because the people around me won't let that happen.

5. What do you like most about The Combine?

 I like the members and coaches the best about The Combine.   I look forward to my time there every week.   No matter how stressful my day was, when I get to The Combine it just puts me in a better mood.   I always leave there exhausted, but in a great mood!   The coaches have done a great job of creating an upbeat workout environment.

6. What goals have you set and reached since you started Crossfit?

Other than just making it through a WOD, all of my lifts have gone up!   My starting strict press was 155 lbs. and now my max is 195lbs.  My starting back squat was 225 lbs. and now my max is 345 lbs.   My starting Deadlift was 355 lbs and now my max is 585 lbs.

7. What are your 3 favorite exercises?

Deadlifts, muscle- ups, and handstand push-ups.   I'm not very good at muscle ups or handstand push-ups, but since starting at The Combine I can now do them!


posted 8/22/2014

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