Member Spotlight: Lana and Patrick

Member Spotlight:  Lana and Patrick
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We are honored to have Lana H and Patrick K share their respective fitness endeavors with us.  Read more about each one of them individually below.

Lana H. recently hit her one year anniversary at The Combine.  She's a former collegiate softball outfielder and pitcher from St. Edwards University.  Lana has not only seen fantastic performance strides in her strength and overall fitness, she's also significantly improved her body awareness as demonstrated by achieving gymnastics skills such as pistol squats and muscle ups.

"Lana has quietly improved on everything as a CrossFitter, but the coolest improvement I've seen is here confidence and enthusiasm!" Coach Bane says.

                                Then                Now

Deadlift              235#                  335#

Back Squat          200#                  225#

Strict Press          90#                    100#

"Helen"              12:07 (bands)     11:05 Rx


1.  How did you hear about The Combine|C.S.C. CrossFit?

I heard about The Combine from a prior teammate who kept pestering me to try it out.

2.  What has CrossFit here done for you personally, emotionally and/or physically?

CrossFIt at The Combine has allowed me to fuel my competitive fire, be in the best shape of my life , and learn to LOVE lifting heavy things, which is something I was always leery of.

3.  What do you like most about CrossFit?

I love that my mental and physical strength is tested every time I walk through those doors, being able to go throw some weight around without any judgment and forget everything else that has happened that day; just me and the WOD.

4.  What do you like most about The Combine and the atmosphere there?

It's amazing how close you feel to people who endure a physically and mentally exhausting workout beside you.  The Combine has helped me realize that we may all come from different places, but when we walk into The Combine, we share each others' failures, as well as, triumphs.

5.  What goals have you set and reached since you started at The Combine?

Pull-ups, Bar Muscle Ups and reaching the "300 Club" for my Deadlift!!

6.  What are your 3 favorite exercises?

Cleans, squats and jerks.


Patrick K., one of our most dedicated members, has been with us for three years.  He's made incredible progress both in this strength and mobility.  Patrick comes prepared to give every workout 110% effort and is always extremely motivating and supportive to his peers in class.

"I love coaching Patrick!  He always walks in with a smile and is ready for whatever is on the white boards, regardless if it's a strength or weakness of his," says Coach Kady.

Check out some of Patrick’s remarkable health and performance results he's experienced since joining The Combine:

                                          Then                                          Now

% Body Fat                      30.6                                           23.8

"Cindy"                            11+1 Rounds                              14+10 Rounds

"Helen"                            13:39 (45#)                               13:17 Rx

Strict Press                       90#                                           125#

1.  How did you hear about The Combine|C.S.C. CrossFit? 

At the time, I was looking for a CrossFit gym in the area, but there were not many choices.  I guess it was pure luck!

2.  Why did you start CrossFit?   

I had grown bored of going to the gym and wasn't seeing results.  I couldn't push myself hard enough and wasn't creative with my workouts.  Basically, I was burnt out and , as I was getting older, I realized I was slowing down and wanted to keep my mobility for myself and my son.

3.  What has CrossFit here done for you personally, emotionally and/or physically? 

Personally, it has made me more confident and appreciative of mobility.  I've got some aches and pains that started to be a bit more pronounced, but now I feel great when I get out and do anything physical.

4.   What do you like most about CrossFit?  

I love the workouts that leave me feeling like I left it all on the gym floor.  There is nothing like walking out of there knowing that I had my butt kicked by a workout.

5.  What do you like most about The Combine and the atmosphere there?  

The members and coaches--just a great feeling working out with so many great people who encourage each other to do better each time.

6.  What goals have you set and reached since you started at The Combine?

My main goal was to become more active, maintain my mobility and strength and improve my diet.  I'm still improving my diet but doing much better than I was.

7.  What are your 3 favorite exercises?

Cleans, Clusters and Deadlifts.

posted 10/16/2014

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