Member Spotlight: Vicki, Jimmy & Kelly

Member Spotlight:  Vicki, Jimmy & Kelly
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Vicki Majni has made a tremendous transformation in the year that she’s been at The Combine. She has gotten leaner, stronger, and faster. With having a background in competitive basketball, it did not take Vicki long to get involved with local CrossFit competitions as she is always looking for a challenge. Once she has mastered one movement, she is ready to try a new one. Check out some of Vicki’s stats below.


Deadlift: 255# vs. 285#

Back Squat: 185# vs. 205#

Cindy: 7 vs. 15+9

1. How did you hear about the CSC CrossFit/The Combine?

Before I started CrossFit, I worked out at a commercial gym and heard about The Combine from one of their employees.

2.    Why did you start CrossFit?

I wasn’t utilizing my time at the gym well and got stuck in a rut of only doing cardio. I was interested in lifting weights and working out in a group setting again, but didn’t know where to start. I grew up playing competitive basketball and missed being part of a group that would push me. I finally gave in to one of my best friends who had been trying to get me to try CrossFit for years.

3.    What has CrossFit at The Combine done for you personally?

Overall, I’m a much happier person because of CrossFit. I am stronger both mentally and physically, improved my diet, stopped partying, and also met great people. Without CrossFit, I wouldn’t have met my new best friends and boyfriend!

4.    What do you like most about CrossFit?

I love the community and feeling part of a group of people who share the same interest in living a healthy lifestyle. I also love the mental game of CrossFit and being pushed by everyone.

5.    What do you like most about The Combine?

There are too many things to list that I like about The Combine, but the thing that stands out the most is their flexibility. There is no rigid day and time you have to go to class. This makes a huge difference in my always changing work schedule!

6.    What goals have you set and reached since you started at The Combine?

When I first joined, I wanted to be able to do handstand pushups and kipping pull-ups, both of which I am able to do now. They may not always be the prettiest, but I get them done. I also wanted more muscle definition and better endurance overall. This has helped tremendously in my job and I no longer find myself becoming exhausted by 3 p.m.

7.    What are your three favorite exercises?

Cleans, wall balls, and deadlifts are my favorite exercises.


Jimmy L. is a unique member in that he attends only the Joules|Watts classes. He's been a regular presence in class since March 2013 and has made impressive progress since joining. However, this is not surprising as his effort and consistency are always on point!

"'Jimmy is so strong!' is usually the first thing I say when describing him. I am blown away by his transformation from Day One. I am excited to see what else he has to give us  next year. I do still feel bad for that time we did banded sprints....and the band slipped, ha." -Coach Kady

Then vs. Now

Back Squat: 275# vs. 350#
Deadlift:  354# vs. 405#
Strict Press: 135# vs. 160#
Weighted Pull-Up: 45# vs. 70#

2014 Primal Challenge Transformation

Body Fat -1.7%
Fat Free Mass:   +3.5#
Fat Mass:   -3.7#



1. How did you hear about the CSC CrossFit/The Combine?

My wife Katie joined The Combine after our friends Beth and Leslie Jackson recommended the box to fit Katie's work schedule. Katie talked with Robert about the Joules/Watts program, which Robert recommended for me. 

2. Why did you start Joules/Watts?

I wanted to get stronger and work on the more technical aspects of the lifts that I enjoy during regular CrossFit workouts.

3. What has Joules/Watts at The Combine done for?

I've increased my PRs and technical understanding of all my lifts! Waking up early and lifting a bunch of heavy stuff tends to make all of the little things during the day a lot easier to get done. Also, after working out with Rick, my hair grew by 4 inches!

4. What do you like most about Joules/Watts?

It's really fun to see great progress and workout with others who push and encourage me. I like that the coaches include athletic markers like jumping and sprinting, to show that the strength increases translate to sports. Since Joules/Watts is a different pace than CrossFit, I get to work on my form and technique with the coaches -- the extra attention really pays off.  

5. What do you like most about The Combine? 

The people!

6. What goals have you set and reached since you started at The Combine? 

I'd like to break 1,000lbs for the CrossFit Total, snatch more than my bodyweight, and run a 400m under a minute. Dunking a basketball would be fun, too. I was happy to squat more than 300# and deadlift in the 400s.

7. What are your 3 favorite exercises? 

Squat, Snatch, and Clean & Jerk. 


Kelly Witherspoon has been with us for nearly two years and has made huge strides! He is an avid 5:30am-er, Rx’s 99.9% of the WODs and always has a positive attitude.


Cindy: 13+10 vs. 22+10

Back Squat: 315# vs. 375#

Karen:  9:45 vs. 7:25

How did you hear about CSC CrossFit/The Combine?  I heard about The Combine through a mutual friend that Robert and I share.  After some thought, I decided to check it out, and the rest is history.

Why did you start CrossFit? There are a few main things that drew me to CrossFit; the team environment, competitive nature of the sport, and the diverse workouts that are highly unpredictable.  I played Division I baseball in college and the thing I miss most about it is the camaraderie and the sense of accomplishment in a highly competitive environment, something you won’t find at your local gym. It was time for a change and CrossFit is exactly what I needed. 

What has CrossFit and The Combine done for you?  It has brought back my competitive spirit, the drive to be the best athlete and person I can be, and doing things I thought I would never had done in my life.  I felt I was in relatively good shape when I started, but I was quickly humbled as to how difficult and cardio intensive these workouts are! I did my first CrossFit team competition this past September, something I never would have thought possible back in February when I started in the sport. Outside of the mental and physical developments, I’ve also met an entirely new set of friends who share common goals, which has been great. Being around like-minded people with strong work ethics is empowering, no matter your skill level. The coaches are very involved in teaching and advising, rather than just overseeing workouts. The classes are never too large in size and everyone motivates each other to complete each workout to the best of their ability.    

What results and goals have you achieved since you started?  I’ve learned a lot of new movements in CrossFit that I’d never done before such as Olympic lifting, muscle up’s and thrusters, among others, that have made me so much stronger throughout.  I’m also much more focused than I used to be on my eating and sleeping habits, which have contributed to my overall growth. 

What workouts do you enjoy the most?  Chipper WOD’s, muscle-up’s, and any type of push-up/pull-up



posted 12/12/2014

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